Anxiety Solutions: Discover How To Reduce Your Anxiety For Good

Let’s face it… every person on the planet will worry or suffer from anxiety from time to time. It’s just human nature to worry about certain situations or events in our life. But for many people it can control their lives and become debilitating. That’s where anxiety solutions need to be found and acted upon to improve the quality of life.

There are a few solutions for anxiety that I practice every single day to ensure that I’m feeling on top of my game. And that’s the key thing… you have to work at it every day if you want to get really good at it and have it become an automatic part of your life. Let’s have a look at some of my methods.


Meditation is a very powerful way to relax and de-stress. Meditation has a very calming effect on your mind, but also on your body as well, even if you’re only at the beginner meditation stage. It isn’t a very well known fact… but it is impossible to have feelings of fear, stress or anxiety while the body is physically relaxed. So if you can meditate for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day, you can prevent the stress response that often starts in your body, thereby stalling any anxious feelings that would otherwise occur.

Look for triggers

Be on the lookout for any thoughts that trigger anxiety. This does require a certain awareness of what’s going on inside your mind. Start out by being curious about your thoughts and feelings, in a non-judgemental way. Once you start being more and more curious, you’ll tend to notice more and your awareness levels will increase. It’s then that you’ll start wondering what you were even really anxious about in the first place.

Worse that can happen

Once you start being more aware of your thoughts, and of what is making you anxious, start asking yourself, “What’s the worse thing that could possibly happen in this situation?” Often by asking yourself this simple question, you will soon realise that you are being silly to worry so much.

Letting whatever happens be ok

This is probably my favourite saying… “Just let whatever happens be ok.” Whatever is happening in your life, good or bad, just accept it, let it be ok and move on. Even when something terrible is going on, there’s every chance that in 12 months time you will look back and wonder at what was so bad. Often a bad event in your life can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Control your breathing

Whenever you’re in a situation where you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed or anxious, don’t forget to control your breathing. Often people will inadvertently hold their breath when they’re anxious, which will make their whole body tense-up and increase their anxiety. So if you feel anxious, immediately take slow, smooth breaths and you should feel yourself calming down physically and emotionally as well.

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These anxiety solutions take practice to master, so make sure you write down your plan of attack… this will give you clarity about what you need to do. Practice at every opportunity you can and don’t expect big results straight away. Keep working at it and it will happen.