Holosync Review: 8 Year Journey With This Product

This Holosync review is based very much on my own personal journey with this product over the past 8 years. If you’re not already aware, Holosync technology is produced by Bill Harris at Centerpointe for the sole purpose of helping people attain very deep states of meditation and subsequently accelerate personal growth.
The story
Let me begin this Holosync review by telling you my story. I found Holosync in February 2003, after trying to do meditation for about 18 months prior to that with little success. As soon as I received my Holosync audio CD and began using it, I noticed a MASSIVE difference in my ability to meditate deeply, without any effort whatsoever. I have continued to use Holosync to this very day (August 2011) on an almost daily basis.

Today I lead a very simple but blessed life with my soul mate and three beautiful kids. But the biggest change in my life is internal… I am so happy and peaceful on the inside and even with all of life’s challenges and problems, nothing really bothers me at all. I do owe it all to Holosync technology.

How it works

Holosync consists of an audio CD embedded with a frequency that, when listening with stereo headphones, causes your brain waves to slow down gradually over a 30 minute period. First it slows down to Alpha, then Theta and then finally down to Delta brainwaves. It’s at this very low range that “feel good” chemicals are released and gradual changes take place in the brain with continued use over time.

Pros of Holosync

First of all I should say that you have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain with Centerpointe’s full 12 month money-back guarantee. If at any stage you don’t think that Holosync is for you, you can simply get your money refunded. Secondly, the support is awesome… not only do you receive support material via email, but you can call or email the support team with any queries or problems that you may be experiencing.

Also, keep in mind that Centerpointe and Holosync have been around for about 20 years, with over 1 million users in 200 countries worldwide. That is quite an impressive track record that has outlasted many other self help products that have come and gone. You only have to read all the testimonials from people who have had their lives completely changed for the better.

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Cons of Holosync

Some people may not be able to use Holosync because it takes at least 30 minutes a day to quietly listen to the CD (although 60 minutes is the recommended time and is obviously more beneficial). But from my personal experience, it is well and truly worth every minute and it is something that I enjoy and look forward to every day. I just make sure that I go to bed an hour early at night and rise one hour early in the morning to do my 60 minute meditation with Holosync.

There isn’t much else to say except… give it a run and see what you think. You have a full 12 months to decide and you can always get your money back if it isn’t for you. Thanks for reading my Holosync review and I wish you all the very best.