Manifesting Money With These 5 Tips

It’s probably true to say that money makes the world go around. And although many people believe that money does not bring happiness or that you must be greedy if you want lots of money, I think that it’s our birth right to have abundance in our lives (including money). But the gap between wanting money and having the ability for manifesting money is usually enormous for most of us, unfortunately.

I personally had spent years struggling financially to make ends meet, and ended up with a massive credit card debt and other bills hanging over my head. It wasn’t until I fully understood the steps that I’ll outline below that I started manifesting money a lot easier. And now because of that, I live a comfortable life… mind you I still have a long way to go as I adjust my goals and aim higher. Let’s just say, that it’s a work in progress.

Five tips for money self management

1. Focus on what money brings – not the money. If you tend to set yourself a target just based on an amount of money that you want, it’s doesn’t really inspire or motivate you to achieve it. There has to be more to it than that. Really consider what it is you want from life. Maybe a new car, house or holiday overseas somewhere. Whatever your “something” is, really think about how having that goal would make you feel, and how much happiness it would give to you and your family.

It is far more motivating to manifest money when you can visualize the joy that comes from having that special thing in your life. That’s when opportunities seem to literally drop in your lap from nowhere, that allow you to make money a hell of a lot easier than you could ever have imagined.

2. Accept there is a price to pay. Whatever goals you have in life, whether they be money or otherwise, there is always a price to pay. That price to pay could be your time, money or effort that must be given in order to receive the object of your desire. There really is no way around it.

3. You must provide value to people. In order to manifest money you have to give value to people. If you add value to people’s lives and you really give them what they want (as in products or services), you will be compensated for giving that value. The universe is always balanced so the more you give, the more you receive.

4. Visualize having the money and the things that you want in life. Involve as many senses as you can by utilizing a vision board with pictures, images and text of what you want. You can also use video, audio or both to really imprint your goals in your mind. I also printed out a dummy check made out in my name with the amount of money I desired on it. This was a secret visualization tip that I spoke about in another post. But for this to work, you really have to IMMERSE yourself in this mind visualization every day for months on end.

5. Take action towards reaching your goals, otherwise manifesting money is impossible. I’ve said this before but, taking the wrong action is always better than taking no action at all. This is fundamentally how we learn, from going forward, making mistakes, correcting course from the feedback we receive and getting better as we go along.

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So there you have it… money will not just fall out of the sky for you (wouldn’t it be great if it did). You have to take certain steps and have a definite mindset for manifesting money, for success to come your way. Really consider how you can implement the steps above and TAKE ACTION as soon as you can.