Mind Movies Reviews: How To Ramp Up Your Visualization

No doubt you have already heard all about Mind Movies, and possibly read a few Mind Movies reviews as well. Ryan Higgins developed this product to allow people to easily utilize the power of visualization by creating personalized videos, right on their own personal computer. This product has been around for well over a year now so I thought I might sit down and write about my experience.

The Story

I first heard about Mind Movies back in 2009, and immediately signed up to receive the six free pre-made videos. There weren’t many Mind Movies reviews back then so I thought I’d just dive in and find out for myself. The six videos are: health, spirituality, money, friends and family, attracting a man, and attracting a woman. I absolutely loved these videos because it just made it so much easier to visualize the goals that I was trying to achieve.

The ones that appealed to me the most were the spirituality and manifesting money videos, and about 18 months later, I still watch these ones almost daily.

What is Mind Movies

Once you sign up, you receive the download link so that you can download the videos to your computer. The six pre-made videos all run for about 2 to 3 minutes each, set to music, and have affirmations throughout as well. The idea is to choose the videos that suit you and watch/listen to them on your computer at least every morning and night, each and every day.

You can also pay to upgrade so that you can gain access to special software to make your very own personalized videos on your computer. This is more powerful because it is specific to your situation and to the things that you want.

Who is it for

Mind Movies is for anyone who wants to utilize visualization to manifest their goals in life. If you want to have more success, wealth, abundance, more loving relationships and happiness, then this is definitely for you.

Why does it work

I probably don’t need to tell you about the benefits of visualization. Obviously it is very powerful for helping you reach your goals. Watching mind movies on a daily basis simply makes normal mind visualization so much more effective and faster at producing results. It’s a pleasure to be able to watch these videos instead of trying to construct clear images in your own head.


Mind Movies has proven itself to thousands of happy customers for well over a year or more. It’s very effective and extremely easy to use as well. At the time of this writing it is priced at $97, and comes with a full 60 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Visualization is one of the most powerful personal development tools around, and mind movies will accelerate your results markedly.


I can’t really see any negatives with this product apart from the fact that some people may only use it once or twice, not see the value in it and then stop using it. So like any self help product, there is some work required to get good results.
Again, you really have nothing to lose with this product and everything to gain. Sign up for a free membership to check out the 6 pre-made videos, then if you want to produce your very own mind movies, you can upgrade and gain access to the easy to use software. Remember, this comes with a full 60 day money-back guarantee if it’s not for you. Thanks for reading my Mind Movies review.