Using This Secret Visualization Tip Gave Me A Massive Windfall

It has been known for a very long time, that visualization is a powerful tool for creating success in life. But not many people can actually do it correctly and achieve the results they are hoping for. Well, for me, I stumbled upon a secret visualization technique that delivered to me a very big result. I’m going to detail to you exactly how I did it below and show you how you can gain similar results… if you apply it properly. Read on.

It was actually so simple that I thought the results that I achieved had to be mere coincidence or a fluke. But the results were so close to my visualization, that it couldn’t have been just a coincidence.

The Story

In early 2007 I was self-employed and only just getting by. I also had quite a few bills and credit card debt mounting up. I finally decided that I had to make a change and pull myself out of this predicament. I was going to use visualization, and focus on a specific amount of money required to get myself out of debt. I decided on $10,000 as the amount that I wanted to manifest.

Now when I started, I wrote down my goals and read them out aloud each and every day, then I tried to visualize that amount of money. I had used this method of visualizing before and to be honest had never seen any tangible benefits in doing it this way… but I persisted anyway in the hope that I may see results.

On a whim, I decided to add something to the mix to see if I could increase my chances of success. I did up a dummy check made out to my name in the amount of $10,000 dated the 31 December, 2007. I kept this check on my bedside table and would hold and look at this check every morning and night for months as I read my goals.

The end result… a few months later on the 21 December, 2007 I received a check for $12,000 and another $3,000 a few days later. This was a down-payment for the sale of my business. However, a few months earlier I had no idea that I would be selling my business and I didn’t know that I would receive the money just 10 days before the date that I wished for. Deep down, I didn’t’ really think that this secret visualization method was going to work at all.

What You Can Do

I guess the message in this is, when you do your visualization, add pictures, video or images to boost the effectiveness of the visualization. It just makes it seem much more real when there’s something tangible you can see or touch in addition to the mental images that you construct in your head. The more senses you can involve in the visualization the better.

How do you come by these images? Just go through magazines and cut out photos that relate to the goals that you want in your life. Or you can take your own photos on your camera or mobile phone. The same applies if you have a video camera… capture some footage and then put it together with some computer editing programs (if you have the skills). Have a read of my mind movies reviews that details how to do this quickly and easily.

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Don’t expect to see results straight away… these things take time and practice to achieve, so you must persist and believe that you are going to get there in the end. And as always, the end result makes it more than worthwhile.