Self Esteem Affirmations That Actually Work

Whether you are aware of it or not, self esteem affirmations are probably running over and over in your mind on a daily basis. But for most people, the affirmations that are operating are usually negative in nature. We continually criticize and berate ourselves for any perceived failures or shortcomings that we have.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn that around and only utilize positive affirmations to build our self esteem? In this article, I’m going to discuss a different type of affirmation that has been effective for me.

The Traditional Method

Ok, now you’ve probably tried affirmations before to build self esteem. How did that work for you? Did it work? Most of you probably answered NO to that question, which is a shame. The problem is that, when we recite affirmations like… “I am a confident person, I am lovable, etc”; these statements usually conflict with our core belief about ourselves with the result being… WE reject them on an unconscious level.

That’s when we come to the conclusion that affirmations don’t work, and we end up giving up on them. Instead, try a different approach.

The New Approach

When I do self esteem affirmations, what I DON’T say is the words, “I am ____”.
Instead of that, for all of my affirmations I start off with the words, “Just Imagine”.

For Example:
Just imagine being happy, powerful and successful.
Just imagine being friendly, outgoing and lovable.

Get the idea? When you make statements such as “Just imagine being friendly, outgoing and lovable”, you literally force yourself to visualize having that quality that you desire. You’re not trying to tell yourself that you already are friendly, outgoing and lovable (which your mind really doesn’t accept anyway). You’re only saying… “Just imagine ____”. This is much easier for you to accept and has the added benefit of getting you to visualize your desired outcome.

Next Step For You

What you need to do is sit down and quietly contemplate what it is that you want for your life. Write down everything that comes to mind and arrange them as statements so that they all begin with the words, “just imagine”.

Then you need to read them aloud every day, at least twice a day. What you don’t want to do is mindlessly read them out over and over. You want to read them very slowly, powerfully and with meaning. After all, these are things that you are truly passionate about, aren’t they? Make sure that you are in a quiet area with no distractions when you read them. We really want quality here rather than quantity.

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You probably won’t see any self esteem improvement for a while, but that doesn’t matter. If you are persistent with what I described above and keep with your self esteem affirmations every day, eventually you will notice changes with the way you feel and act. Just don’t give up when success is potentially right around the corner.